Yesterday, when I get home after a stressful morning in my "dear" Murcia, I found a great surprise from Phebe Rendulic!
A parcel with "Sugar Baby, Honey Child", the new ep of her band Radio Spectacular,
a postcard with a magnificent view of Adelaide and a very original decoration for the Christmas tree!

You can find more information about Phebe in her blog "Lightning Heart"
(which is one of my favorites). And all about her band in their official website or myspace, twitter ,facebook and youtube.
Also, you can buy cds and tees in their online store!!

¡Muchísimas gracias Phebe!

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Lightning Heart dijo...

ohh i'm so glad you finally got it!
you're the best :D

Anything but Bland dijo...

looks very neat!!

El delineante de cumulonimbos enterrados dijo...

¡Cómo me gustan estos Spectaculares, oye!
Saludos subterráneos.

Dara Scully dijo...

¿qué hay que hacer para casarse con un ciervito como ese? (y que me perdone mi elefante, pero ha sido amor a primera vista. ¡a ver quién se cura de algo así!)

pd: cosquillas. muchísimas.

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