Early-morning surprise

Today,I received the amazing Shanalogic parcel,
A few days ago I won the incredible Shopie St. Vicious (the good, the bad and the bloody) giveaway. It was to spend $50 on this great indie store...
And this is the result...I can´t believe it yet!!!

1. Polarguise Tee // Sharp Shirter

2. Retro owl pencils pouch // The Dainty Squid
3. The wonder twins print // Ryan Berkley

In addition, the last two photos are the first giveaway that I received from Shopie,
you can see my 2009 diary and her magnificent illustrations in my room!(with my portrait of her in the middle)

I´m so Happy!
Thanks so much Shopie!!!

4 comentarios:

Melody Dylome dijo...

k xulo!

Sophie dijo...

they came so quick, that's awesome ! you picked THE best stuff too :)

(the last picture made me smile sooo much) !

Amy Perrotti dijo...

That owl fabric is fabulous!!! Love it! :)

matu santamaria dijo...

Me encanta tu blog, tiene cosas geniales.

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